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Test on FIKA Deliberations 
A Test on the Deliberations (Lectures and Discussion) of the National Workshop on Fundamental Issues in Knowledge and its Acquisition (FIKA) held in Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in March 2015, was held immediately after the Workshop. The Participants were emailed a Question Sheet, to be answered and returned by email. Nearly half of the 38 participants of the Workshop answered the Test. The Question Sheet with the Key is available on this website.
The groundbreaking National Workshop on Fundamental Issues in Knowledge and Learning held in Aligarh Muslim University on March 26 – 30, 2015, unveiled a largely unknown and complex discourse. This corpus, amounting to the common basis of all areas of Learning -  Philosophy, Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities – would not only help to objectively characterize  and evaluate existing Learning but also to transform them into healthier alternatives and, thereby, help in the solution of the multifarious and grave crises of Nature and Meaning. The Workshop drew young faculty and doctoral scholars and post-graduate students from diverse disciplines – Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Unani Medicine, Physiology, English, Education, Law, Mass Communication etc.
Such a Workshop needed  an effective and structured follow-up, which was announced in the concluding session. The first step was a Test on FIKA Deliberations carrying substantial cash awards and certificate of participation in discussions. The Participants will be given a ‘’Certificate of Participation in the Deliberations of FIKA’’ and a ‘’Certificate of Standing First / Second / Third’’ and Cash Award of Rs 5000/-, Rs 3000/- and Rs 2000/-, respectively and Cash Award of Rs500/- for all persons performing exceptionally well.
The Certificates and Awards will be presented in a Function to be held in Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
Prof. Kunwar Mohammad Yusuf Amin Dr. Abdul Majid Khan

Professor, Department of Ilmul Advia Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies

Director, FIKA Organizing Secretary, FIKA