Download: FIKA Test with Key

FIKA Test with Key

(With Key)
National Workshop
“Fundamental Issues in Knowledge and its Acquisition (FIKA)”
26 – 30 March, 2015

Department of Ilmul Advia, Faculty of Unani Medicine
Aligarh Muslim University

Centre for Studies and Research (CSR), Hyderabad, India.

Director: Professor Kunwar Mohammad Yusuf Amin
MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)
Professor in Pharmacology
Department of Ilmul Advia

Organizing Secretary: Dr. Abdul Majid Khan
Associate Professor
Department of Islamic Studies
Each question carries one mark unless otherwise mentioned
SECTION A- Multiple Choice Questions
          (Mark the correct answer by UNDERLINING the option)
Question No. 1 What can be used as the rubric for the criticism and rejection of Ratio-empiricism in the West?

Question No. 2 `Which of the following parameters is Qualitative?
a-Blood Pressure
b-Pallor (Pale Colour)
c-Haemoglobin mg/100 ml
d-Blood Glucose mg/100 ml

Question No. 3 In light of the analysis of contemporary crises on the basis of 
DELETED                 Traditional Philosophy, what can be done to achieve the following?  
(i)Maintain High Standard of Life
(ii)Minimize harmful effects of Science  
(iii)Obtain benefits not provided by Quantitative Science
(iv)Avoid the Materialist or Mechanistic World-view emerging from Reductionist Science
Question No. 4 Examining Science on the basis of the level of Reality addressed by it would be:
a-Sociological Method
b-Historical Method
c-Deconstructionist Method
d-Metaphysical Method

Question No. 5 What according to Traditional Philosophy is the basic cause of the existing crises?
c-Forgetting Multiple Levels of Reality
d-Ratio-empiric Method

Question No. 6 Which of the following is a Reductionist statement?
a-Depression can be treated by giving ‘Hot & Wet’ Drugs
b-All biological processes are based upon chemical reactions of Man’s Molecules
c-Hot’ people have reddish complexion 
d-Unani Drugs possess Molecular Effects

Question No. 7 .Which of the following qualities of Supra-Material/Proto-material level allows knowablity of an object as a whole:

Question No. 8 What does Cognitive Function of a Science provide:
c-Problem Solving
d-Worldly Welfare

Question No. 9 Categorize the following Sciences in terms of Positivist/Transcendentalist; 
DELETED            Quantitative/Qualitative; Reductionist/Holist
i.Modern Physics 
ii.Unani Medicine
iii.Al-Biruni’s Geography

Question No. 10 Which is the most satisfactory statement about the basis of the Power of Reductionist Science?

a-Studies object as a whole
b-Reduces object of study to measurable quantity
c-Reduces object of study to measurable and physically manipulable quantity
d-Reduces object of study to its physical level

Question No. 11 Which is the most satisfactory statement about the usage of Reductionist Science?
a-Gives Power but causes harm on long term
b-Reduces Power and causes harm
c-Gives Power but causes harm on long term & paints poor picture of reality
d- Gives Power but causes harm on long term & paints good picture of reality

Question No. 12 Which is the most satisfactory statement about the policy for Reductionist Science?
a-Use when necessary, regulate use, complement by Holistic Science and downscale world-view giving role
b-Use only this science for both problem-solving and world-view creation
c-Use only for problem-solving not world-view getting
d-Use neither for problem-solving nor world-view getting, as in Gandhism

Question No. 13 Which is most satisfactory?
a-Materialist vision of reality followed exclusively material findings of Science
b-Matter-focused Science followed Materialist vision
c-Matter-focused Science followed Materialist vision and reinforced it
d-Matter-focused Science emerged as vision-neutral evolution of Science

Question No. 14 Which is most satisfactory statement?
a-West took entire Islamic Science
b-West took only the positivist part of Muslim Science
c-West took only the transcendentalist part of Muslim Science
d-West did not borrow from Islamic Science

Question No. 15 ‘Reform’ of Modern Sciences will amount to:
a-Remain restricted to study of Physical Level of Natural Objects
b-Include Supra-Material Levels of Natural Objects in their study
c-Further increase the Quantification of Study Objects
d-Just add the Qualitative Study of Physical Level

Question No. 16 The Supra-Material Level of Objects being intangible in nature, their inclusion will require:
a-Conceptual and technical structures for positing intangible objects
b-Subjective apprehension of Qualities as parameters of study
c- Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
d-None of the above

Question No. 17 Which Modern Sciences have the structures and methods for including supra-material levels of objects under study?
a-Social Sciences
b-Natural Sciences
c-Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
d-None of the above

Question No. 18 Which of the following is the most satisfactory statement regarding ‘Tradition’:
a-Human civilizational activity based on a Revelation, Intellection and constant Inspiration
c-Theological Disciplines for explaining the Revelation accepted by a Civilization
d-Universally valid Positivist Disciplines of a historical period
Question No. 19 Which of the following disqualifies a Perspective or Discipline from being ‘Traditional’?
a-Not based on a Revelation
b-Not demanding allegiance to a divinely revealed Religion
c-Not demanding active subscription to Morality and Eschatology
d-All of the above
Question No. 20 What has been ironically called ‘The beginning, not the death, of Muslim Philosophy’ by SH Nasr?
a-The dying out of Mutazilism
b-The dying out of Ibn Rushd’s Aristotelian Philosophy
c-The dying out of Ash’ariism
d-The dying out of Kharijiism

Question No. 21 Name the fore-most exponent of following schools of Islamic Philosophy: 4 Marks
(i)Peripatetic (Mashshai) Al-Farabi
(ii)Gnostic (Irfani) Muhiuddin Ibn al Arabi
(iii) Illuminationist (Ishraqi) Shaykh Shihab al-Din al-Suhrawardi
(iv)Theosophical (Hikmat al Muta’aliya)  Mulla Sadra 

Question No. 22 According to Traditional Philosophy, what are the two parts of Total Reality?
a-Transcendent Principle-Multilevel Manifestation

Question No. 23 According to Traditional Philosophy, what are the three levels of Manifestation?
a) Physical-Subtle-Spiritual

Question No. 24 What is the means for knowing highest level of Reality ie Transcendence and its Operation in Manifestation?
a-Sensory Observation
c-Revelation and Intellection
Question No. 25 What are the criteria for judging truth or correctness of claims about reality?
a-Only Pragmatic Efficacy
b-Only Empirical Testing
c-Symbolical and Pragmatic Efficacy
d-No Criteria

Question No. 26 Can contradictory statements, such as Geocentric and A-centric Astronomy, and the sciences making them, be equally true, if yes, how?
b-Yes, due to different levels and modes of study
c-Yes, due to subjectivity of all sciences
d-No basis for saying Yes or No

Question No. 27 Can all, or only some, Traditional Sciences be practiced as Living Sciences?
c-In principle all, practically, only the significantly beneficial
d-No basis for answering the question

Question No. 28 What is the Reality-giving status of Propositions of Modern Natural Science?
a-No Reality-giving, just problem solving
b-Give Total Reality
c-Give the measurable skeleton of only the Physical Level
d-No basis for answering the question

Question No. 29 Why Modern Philosophy either denies the reality-giving status of Modern Natural Science or adopts an agnostic position:
a-Lack of Pragmatic Efficacy
b-Lack of Symbolical Efficacy
c-Has no basis to show that Empirico-rationality is a valid means of knowing reality
d-Considers Empirico-rationality to be false
Question No. 30 Which of the following doesn’t describe ‘Evolutionism’?
a-Reality changes essentially with Time, for the better
b-The essential nature of Reality is immutable
c-The matchless power of Modern Science proves the progressive nature of History
d-Time-related increase in rigour of Empirico-rationality amounts to progress

Question No. 31 Which of the following doesn’t comprise of a critique of ‘Evolutionism’?
a-Essential change is contradicted by the basic continuity in Reality
b-Scientific Power relates to the lower part, not the entirety of Man
c-Time is often called ‘The Fourth Dimension’
d-Increase in rigour of Empirico-rationality amounts to ‘Compensation’ for the ‘Old’ Man with weakened Intuition, not Progress
Question No. 32 Which of the following doesn’t relate to ‘Time-related Contingent Deterioration’?
a-With Time, there is deterioration in contingent level of reality
b-This deterioration amounts, inter alia, to weakening of Intuition and compensatory increase in Empirico-rational ability
c-Language, being the chief embodiment of Consciousness, it is illustrated by superiority of Classical over Modern Languages 
d-Carbon-dating is used for determining the age of organic matter

Question No. 33 What is the most basic correction needed in Contemporary Learning at the level of General Perspective of Knowledge as such:
a-Further Advancement on existing lines
b-Adoption of Transcendentalist Perspective, Revival of Integral Learning and Integration of Positivist Learning in Integral / Wholistic Learning
c-Relativist reinterpretation
d-Ethical Regulation
Question No. 34 Total Reality, particularly Transcendental and Supra-Material Levels of Reality objectively and integrally available:
a-In Reason
b-Not available
c-In the Collective Subconscious
d-Only in Revelations 

Question No. 35 What are the chief impediments to the academic use of Reality-giving statements of Revelations?
a-Unavailability of historical context
b-Linguistic difficulties
c-Plurality, Fragmentariness, Being Implicit and Tangential
d-Problems of authenticity
Question No. 36 What is the means of overcoming these impediments to obtain a cogent picture of Transcendent and Supra-Material Reality based on Revelations:
a-Historical Analysis
b-Linguistic Analysis
c-Application of the method of Metaphysics
d-Historical Criticism
Question No. 37 The chief method of Exegesis for obtaining data about Transcendental Reality from Revelation:
c-Intuitive / Intellective
Question No. 38 Mention one example of each, of the following benefits, of the Delineation of  
DELETED                 Integral Learning or a Map of Total Learning: 
(i)Inclusion of all necessary Disciplines in Learning
(ii)Identification of the proper policy for a Discipline
(iii)Identification of complementary Disciplines
Question No. 39 Which of the following is not true about Uloom Naqliyah & Uloom ‘Aqliyah:
a-Both are based on Qurán and Sunnah
b-Naqliyah are explanation of Revelation, ‘Aqliyah are description of Reality
c-They are two alternative discursive descriptions of Reality
d-Naqliyah are quasi-certain, ‘Aqliyah are probabilistic
Question No. 40 The place of Uloom Naqliyah and Non-living and ‘Occult’ Traditional Sciences in Main-stream Academia:
a-No place
b-Full place
c-Place for Restated Abstracts
d-Place for only some of them
Question No. 41 Research Training Requires:
a-Cultivation of Mind
b-Cultivation of Soul
c-Acquisition of Information
d-All of the above
Question No. 42 If ‘Reform’ of a Science be equated with inclusion of at least the subtle level of natural objects in study, why the Modern Natural Sciences cannot be reformed, while retaining their Reductionist, Power-giving role:
a-The Subtle level of Natural Objects is un-knowable
b-The Subtle Level cannot be studied by Quantitative Method
c-Natural Objects have only Physical Reality
d-There is no valid method of studying Nature except the Quantitative Method
Question No. 43 Why ‘Reform’, as understood to be inclusion of Supra-Material Levels in study, can 
DELETED                 be accomplished in Modern Social Sciences:
a-They have a Transcendentalist Perspective
b-They are non-Quantitative
c-They possess a Qualitative Method too
d-They accept Supra-Material dimensions of Social Phenomena
Question No. 44 What is the most important caution to be exercised in restatement of Traditional Philosophy?
a-Ensure good knowledge of classical languages
b-Ensure good knowledge of western languages
c-Avoid modernistic distortions
d-Ensure good knowledge of Modern Sciences 
Question No. 45 Which of the following is a Transcendental-Supramaterial Factor of Civilogeny (Civilization Creation) that can be scientifically studied for this capacity?
a-Nature of Economic Institutions
b-Geographical Factors
c-Social Stratification
d-Equilibrium of Angelic and Animal type of Social Motivations
Question No. 46 Which is not true about Living Traditional Sciences?
a-Their Parameters and Methodology should be modernized
b-The Traditional Parameters and Methodology be analytically understood in order to be followed faithfully
c-Some Modern Parameters and Methodology that help in practice according to their original character, may be used in subservience to Traditional Parameters and Methodology
d-They should be researched mainly according to Traditional Parameters


Question No. 47 What Positivism is to Modernism,  Non Ratio-Empiricism   is to Post-Modernism?
Question No. 48 What could have been better alternatives to Post-Modernism’s  2 Marks
(i)Continued acceptance of Anti-Transcendentalism  Rejection of anti-transcendentalism and  re-acceptance of Transcendentalism
(ii)Rejection of Ratio-empiricism    Adoption of Qualified Ratio-empiricism
Question No. 49 Match ‘Positivist Science’, ‘Transcendentalist Science’, ‘Reductionist Science’, ‘Holistic Science’, ‘Quantitative Science’ and ‘Qualitative Science’ with following statements:                                                                      6 Marks
Studies only measurable physical quantities:  Quantitative Science
Studies only physical level of objects: Positivist Science
Considers part to be prior, real and effective:    Reductionist Science
Studies physical and supra-material levels of objects: Transcendentalist Science
Considers the whole to be prior and primarily real: Holistic Science
Studies subjectively apprehended qualities: Qualitative Science
Question No. 50 Match the following responses to the increased Materiality of these Last Times with various civilizational perspectives:
Responses: No Response, Totalization of Materiality, Giving More than Optimal but within Normality space to Materiality                                         3 Marks
Civilizational Perspectives Response
Modernity Totalization of Materiality
Earlier Traditions No Response
Islamic Giving More than Optimal but within Normality Space to Materiality
                      (Type the Answer below the Question and UNDERLINE it)

Question No. 51 Mention three contemporary Authors who have undertaken restatement of Traditional Philosophy and Metaphysics to be comprehensible for contemporary mind.            3 Marks 
 Answer:                    Seyyed Hossein Nasr,  F. Schuon and Rene Guenon. 

Question No. 52 Briefly describe Transcendentalism.              5 Marks
Answer :                 The perception that there exists an Absolute Reality which  reflects through Manifestation and the Principle or Basis of this Manifestation. The Manifestation of this Reality is reflected in three Levels viz, Physical or Corporeal Subtle and Spiritual. The basis of this tri-partite manifest reality is ‘the Absolute’ that completely transcends this manifestation. The Corporeal or Physical Level is known by sensory perception and the Absolute can be known  by Revelation and Intellection / Spiritual Intuition rather than rationality or sensory perception. 

Question No. 53 Mention Four Traditional Philosophies           4 Marks
Answer:                      Islamic, Hindu, Neo-Platonism and  Taoism.
Question No. 54 Mention two prominent critics of Positivist Science in the West  2 Marks
Answer:                      Feyerabend and Jaspers

Question No. 55 Which one of the two elements of Positivism was rejected by the Post-Modernist Critics of Science?
Answer:                      Ratio-empiricism

Question No. 56 Name four Islamic Religious Sciences that have important philosophical components.           4 Marks
Answer:                      Usul al Tafsir, Usul al-Fiqh, Kalam, Tasawwuf

Question No. 57 Name the Indian Scholar who is considered a prominent exponent of the most mature    and comprehensive form of Traditional Islamic Philosophy.
Answer:                 Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi.

Question No. 58 Mention one important Book on restated Islamic Traditional Philosophy and its Author.
Answer:               Philosophy in the Land of Prophecy  by  S.H. Nasr

Question No. 59 What is the basic defect, common to both Modernist and Post-Modernist phase of Modern Philosophy? 
Answer:               Anti-transcendentalism or rejection of  Transcendence
Question No. 60 What is the basic difference between Positivist Modern Physics and ‘Positivist’ Geography of Al Biruni?     5 Marks
Answer:              The Modern Physics  being Positivist  is  not only limited to the physical level but also  negates the other higher levels of Reality or any other means of knowing Reality while Al-Biruni’s Geography, though Positivist, affirms  and does not negate the higher levels of Reality and the Transcendent Principle but leaves their study to other disciplines.