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Interim Report

National Conference on Philosophy-Science Interface: Key Issues and Texts


April 20 – 22, 2017

Department of Ilmul Advia, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

The National Conference on Philosophy-Science Interface organized by the Department of Ilmul Advia in Aligarh MuslimUniversity on April 20-22 discussed the method of improving various Disciplines by applying Philosophy. It used a philosophical paradigm enriched by Traditional Philosophy in general and by Islamic Traditional Philosophy. The Conference includes a Symposium on Comparative Philosophy of Traditional and Modern Medicine, to identify and preserve the highly beneficial classical character of Traditional Medicines and to find new research methods for updating Unani Medicine, Ayurveda etc in their original classical form.

The Conference was attended by senior faculty members and research scholars from various natural and human sciences, super-specialized in the new area of Philosophy-Science Interface. Delegates from Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal, Delhi, Srinagar, Deoband, Hyderabad etc participated and contributed their Papers. Invited Talks were delivered by Prof S Shakir Jamil, Ex-Director of Central Council of Unani Medicine, and other seniour faculty members from Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Unani Medicine etc. Other notable participants were Dr Daud Salim Faruquie, Executive Director, Oxford Evidence Interventions, Oxford, Dr Nafis Bano, Principal, HSZH Unani Medical College, Bhopal etc.

The Announcement, Synopsis and the Uploaded Texts are now available on the ‘Reports’ Page of this website. The Photos are on the Photo Gallery of this website.

The Follow-up communications, particularly the Final Report and the Resolutions, will be sent  to the delegates and applicants of T-PhiSci by email. They will also be posted on T-PhiSci Page of this website.

Prof Kunwar Mohammad Yusuf Amin Dr Abdul Majid Khan

Director     Organizing Secretary

National Conference on Philosophy-Science Interface: Key Issues and Texts (T-PhiSci)

Professor in Pharmacology Associate Professor

Department of Ilmul Advia   Department of Islamic Studies

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.

Co-Sponsor: Centre for Study and Research (CSR), Hyderabad.